Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Barre Strength ® ?

Barre Strength is a total body conditioning program that combines the best of Pilates, Yoga, Isometrics and ballet into one revolutionary workout.  Barre Strength is the fastest and safest way to improve your body. 

What do you do in a Barre Strength Class?

Classes begin with a warm up period and then move into a series of exercises and light free-weight usage designed to target the upper body.  Participants then use the ballet barre to focus on strengthening the core body muscles located in the abdomen, thigh, and the seat.  After the ballet barre, students engage in additional toning and strengthening movements designed to further benefit the areas of the body already mentioned as well as the back and knee area. 

As proper form is essential to the success of this program, instructors provide direction and engage with participants to offer personalized attention to perfect posture and body alignment.  All of this combines into a fun and lively workout that helps students perform at their optimal level and achieve their fitness goals. 

Will Barre Strength Help Me Lose Weight?

Taking classes 3 to 4 times per week, coupled with maintaining a healthy diet, will definitely improve your body's appearance.  Our program focuses on strengthening and lengthening muscles and muscle tissue burns about 15 times as many calories as fat, even when you're not exercising. 

In addition to cosmetic benefits, regular exercise has been shown in medical studies to promote life expectancy and cognitive function as well as reduce the risks of heart disease, diabetes and depression. 

How Often Should I Take Class?

For ideal results, we recommend that individuals participate in 3 to 4 classes per week.  This will enable better understanding of the correct positions and build muscle memory. 

Does Barre Strength Shape the Body?

The Barre Strength method is designed to tighten the glutes, thighs and legs, sculpt and define abs, strengthen the body core, and tone the arms, shoulders and back.  By working muscles to their fullest potential and then stretching and elongating them students can expect to see rapid and positive results. 

Is the Barre Strength Routine Aerobic?

Barre Strength incorporates periods of intense aerobic exercise and slow recovery activity such as stretches that are similar to interval training.  This sequence helps build efficient muscle memory and strengthens the heart muscle.  Students can expect improved performance within the cardiovascular system while helping to prevent the injuries often associated with repetitive endurance exercise 

Why are Flexible Muscles So Important?

Flexibility offers several benefits such as decreased risk of injury, improved posture, reduced muscle soreness and decreased lower back pain.  A stretched and flexible muscle is also considerably stronger than a tight muscle and muscle flexibility has been shown to help relax the mind and body and make you look and feel better. 

Why is it Important to Stretch and Strengthen the Back?

Back pain is a very common ailment.  By keeping your back muscles strong and flexible, you can greatly reduce the risk of herniated discs and other back related issues. 

Why does Barre Strength emphasize the abdominal Muscles?

Who doesn’t want a reduced waistline and a flatter stomach?  These are definitely important benefits, but building a strong core also improves posture and lessens back pain.  Strong abdominal muscles will help you stand tall, which makes you look slimmer and more confident. 

Why does Barre Strength Use a Ballet Barre?

The ballet barre allows our clients to build resistance and strength unlike any other exercise apparatus.  The ballet barre helps to balance and properly position the body.  As a result, students are better able to target all major muscle groups. 

Is Barre Strength Complimentary to our Activities?

Yes, the Barre Strength class is complimentary to most other workouts.  If you plan to couple a Barre Strength class with a sustained workout such as running on the same day, then we recommend taking the Barre Strength class first. 

Can I Take the Class if I am Pregnant?

Moderate exercise during pregnancy can help pregnant women feel healthy and fit.  If you have no serious medical problems and you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, it may be safe to exercise.  Pregnant women must present written consent from their doctor before they can take a class and notify their instructor to ensure that instructors can teach appropriate modifications. 

Can I Come to Class Injured?

   Although many of the stretches and strengthening exercises have been suggested by sports medicine physicians and orthopedists  ,  it is recommended that injured students consult with their doctors before taking a class.  Also, please notify your instructor about your injury before your class begins.